Become a Trader

Consider an environment where your decisions have direct impact on financial markets, an environment where discipline, drive, integrity, initiative, creativity, competition, technology and teamwork are recognized, appreciated and rewarded.

Chosen applicants will be interviewed and tested for analytical and mathematical skills, in our Amsterdam office. Successful applicants will receive professional training as a Junior Trader / Researcher, and will participate in company classes discussing the theoretical and practical side of trading in options.

For selected applicants, our recruitment process is partly interview-based, and our approach introduces you to many of the professionals with whom they may eventually work. This presents an opportunity to see Saen Options at work and the interviewee can expect to meet a number of potential colleagues in formal and informal meetings. The opportunity to ask recent recruits questions and gain a more personal impression of our firm is provided. We believe it enables the applicant to make an informed decision about our company.

While every effort is made to let applicants know early on in the process whether an offer will be forthcoming, on some occasions applicants might be invited for additional interviews.

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Eight Elements of Excellence Innovation, Creativity, Analysis, Training, Technology, Knowledge
Drive, Discipline, Technology, Teamwork, Integrity, Initiative, Competitive, Creativity