Although the trading environment from floor trading to screen based trading has become a different ball game, drive, initiative and creative are still skills needed to trade successfully in this new environment. Because of the ever changing environment, programming skills are very helpful. Smart in-house programmed decision support software assists you in your day to day decisions. All the know-how is combined in these tools and your active input is requested. Build and program add-on functionalities that your colleagues can use in trading as well.

The variety of backgrounds and disciplines among our traders make us unique. Saen currently employs more than 26 different nationalities each with its own cultures and traditions. This makes us more creative and open to new ideas. This multicultural environment moves people to become more interactive and seek for new opportunities in the trading environment. Although our trading environment is tough and competitive, it offers a great challenge.

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Drive, Discipline, Technology, Teamwork, Integrity, Initiative, Competitive, Creativity