Saen believes trading is a knowledge based business. Research has to make sure we keep up and stay in front of new developments within the financial markets.
One of the consequences of the move from floor-based to screen-based trading was the narrowing of the bid-ask spread. Because of this, accurate pricing of the traded options became more and more important. One of the tasks of the research team is to improve the current pricing and hedging of the traded options.
To remain competitive as a company, we are constantly on the lookout for new trading opportunities and strategies. For example, new opportunities include expanding the number of products Saen is able to trade. Research plays an important role in this process because we develop the pricing models and risk analysis for these new products.

Furthermore, we look for trading opportunities by trying to relate different exchange traded products with each other. This can be done with the help of statistical techniques or by analysing the payoff's and risks of different products and trying to hedge them with other exchange traded products.

As a researcher, you will work in close cooperation with the Trading and Algorithmic Trading departments to make sure new trading ideas are transformed from an initial idea to a working trading strategy as quickly as possible. Furthermore, you will work together with the development department on the implementation of new models and risk analysis.

Saen Options is founder and sponsor of The Derivatives Technology Foundation. In this foundation both business and theory meet in a scientific environment. The foundation has links to several international universities where students can do an internship or start working on a thesis. The foundation works closely with a diversified team of professors of mathematical science, finance and applied math. It is the aim of the foundation to narrow the gap between the market practitioners and the theoreticians by enabling and supporting young researchers to develop themselves in both worlds. The Derivatives Technology Foundation is organizing every year a symposium about derivatives in Amsterdam. To find out more about The Derivatives Technology Foundation and their symposia look at

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