Human Resources

We believe that people are our most important asset. We put great effort in the recruitment and selection of people who complete our team; people that have the Eight Elements of Excellence: Drive, Discipline, Initiative, Integrity, Competitiveness, Creativity, Technology and Teamwork.

The search for new talent is an ongoing process. We actively scan the job market in many ways. We think it is very important to initiate personal contact with students at career events or by giving workshops or lectures at universities.

For the selection of candidates we look for a good match between the qualities and ambitions of the candidate and the needs and opportunities in the company. Once people are selected for our team we want to offer them a working environment in which they can make an optimal use of their talents and can develop their skills. This requires effective human resource management.

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Eight Elements of Excellence Innovation, Creativity, Analysis, Training, Technology, Knowledge
Drive, Discipline, Technology, Teamwork, Integrity, Initiative, Competitive, Creativity