Algorithmic Trading

Although human traders overall are superior over computers, they do have their shortcomings: they are slower in doing calculations, less accurate, they can be subject to fatigue and loss of concentration, are unable to watch thousands of products at the same time, etc. Most of these shortcomings can be taken away by using more advanced trading software and using trading algorithms that exploit specific opportunities in the market.

At our Algorithmic Trading department we specialise in designing and implementing trading algorithms that find these specific opportunities and trade on them. Where more advanced trading software is replacing the work of the human traders step by step, at Algorithmic Trading we are exploring possibilities that human traders might never consider, or never have been able to trade successfully.

People from the Algorithmic Trading team not only design and implement the trading algorithms, they also trade with them. Everybody in the team has excellent programming and researching skills, as well as experience in trading.

With the increasing popularity of fully automated trading systems, the challenges for our team are getting bigger, but there also seem to be more and more opportunities to outsmart the competition. We are building algorithms that have to compete with humans as well as an increasing number of algorithms: welcome to the trading equivalent of computer chess.

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