Within the Saen group we trade in derivative products on different markets. We trade in equity, index and interest rate options & futures. We make markets on the traditional option & futures exchanges. We also provide prices as a liquidity provider on the new alternative trading platforms. With the new regulations of Mifid, stock & futures trades can be crossed on these platforms. We strongly believe that these new low cost ways of trading will see a growing liquidity and put more pressure on the cost structure of the traditional European exchanges. Connecting to all these different platforms enables us to find the best and fastest way to do our trade executions. We believe that the trend of globalization of trading will continue in the coming years. Also, the transatlantic mergers of exchanges will help to speed up this process. This will enable us to trade in multiple time zones and direct trades more efficiently.

Saen is also specialized in algorithmic & arbitrage trading. A dedicated team of highly educated quantitative analysts is scanning the markets for trade opportunities and implement strategies using highly advanced trading protocols.

The huge growth of ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) trading pushed us into trading these products. Especially in the US, trading in ETFs is growing strongly. This market is estimated to be a 10 trillion US$ managed market by 2010. ETFs enable investors to have an exposure in a market or sector against minimal cost. Because the ETFs are listed on the major exchanges and bid and ask prices are given constantly, investors can easily step in and out of these funds. The ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities) enable investors to trade in commodities like gold, copper, oil. Before the ETCs it was almost impossible for a private investor to trade these commodities.

To anticipate the changes early in the European electricity markets, Saen started energy trading. We are active on the main European electricity exchanges, both physical and futures & options. We strongly believe that it will take some time before we can see "one European copper plate" where prices are all equal and all the arbitrage possibilities have disappeared.

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